IBM-80H injection moulding machine

One of the models of injection blow moulding machine is IBM-80H model.

Blow molding is the formation of a hollow object by blowing or blowing a molten thermoplastic tube called a “parizon” into the shape of a mold cavity. This process involves extruding or “dropping” the parison onto which the mold halves are closed. The material mold halves contain the shape of the product to be produced. The lower opening of the parison is closed by the halves of the closed material mold. A pressurized gas, usually air, enters the parison and directs the heated parison against the mold walls to form the product.

دستگاه بادی تزریقی

The blow molding or blow molding industry is designed to produce high-volume, one-piece hollow objects. If you need to make a lot of bottles, this process is for you. Blow molding creates very uniform, thin-walled containers. And it can do so very economically.

دستگاه تولید قوطی دارویی

Examples of parts and products created using blow injection molding include: water bottles, shampoo and all kinds of large and small bottles, car parts, stadium seats and seats, watering cans, coolers or any other hollow part.

Features of blow molding injection machine model IBM-80H:

1- Using a moving piston pump can save 20% of energy.

2- Using three jacks to lock by opening the valve can increase the capacity and reduce the cycle time.

3- The use of vertical movement and horizontal bar creates enough space for circulation and makes the installation of the mold simple and convenient.

The price of injection blow molding machines

  These machines can have many different capabilities according to the customer’s needs. Based on this, we recommend you to click on the contact link and contact the company’s sales experts to get technical advice and price inquiries. Or visit the order registration page and enter the required information so that you will be contacted as soon as possible.

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