PET Preform mold

Looking for a quick and easy way to deliver your preform PET injection mold? We offer fast delivery, convenient service, and excellent service so you can get your PET preform injection molds done quickly and with less headache.

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We understand that you want preform PET injection molds that are of the highest quality, and that’s why we offer our customers a quick and easy way to get the job done. We use state-of-the-art technology to create PET preforms and pride ourselves on our fast and easy delivery process.

PET preform injection mold

Pars company has had considerable experience in the plastic injection industry in the last ten years. As a result, we have developed considerable knowledge and expertise that allows our company to offer customers the highest level of skill, knowledge and commitment in the plastic injection molding machine and PET preform molds market.

Undoubtedly, Pars Company can produce a complete set of preform PET molds on time and accurately and at the best possible price.

We want to be your one stop shop for all your preform needs, so give us a call today. We look forward to your call to get your preform injection mold to market quickly and with minimal hassle.

It is also possible to customize the preform mold assembly of the PET injection machine to meet the specific needs of the customer, as well as to custom manufacture each PET preform according to their needs.

The skilled workforce that specializes in more than one sector for Pars Company ensures the creation of molds with unique features for different types of PET plastic preforms. Among our capabilities is our ability to produce a range of plastic preforms.

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Features of PET preform mold

The number of holes in PET preform injection molds is between 1 and 96.
The preform mold construction, which is developed based on the latest technological advances, is designed in the European mold style.
More than 2.5 million injections of preforms of the same quality during the use of the mold
The universal standard nozzle is made with premium grade nitrided steel to increase its durability and hardness at the same time.
ASSAB s136 or DIN 1.2316 steel is used for forming and inserting molds and for sliding inserts because the steel has the best quality and precision available. Excellent hardness, excellent polish, rust resistance and precision make it an excellent choice for making molds. Converted PET preform.
Patented correction technique allows for better thickness control and reduces preform thickness distortion that can occur in preform injection molding.
Innovative water hoses have been developed to reduce leakage and reduce water spots on preforms.
The nozzle pin is connected to the hydraulic cylinder (Japanese or European origin) and is designed to be synchronized with the movement of the PET preform mold plates.
26MM, PCO28MM, 25/30MM, 32MM, 38MM, 48MM, 52MM, 62MM, PCO standard cover

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Designing the PET preform injection mold

Generally, to meet the design requirements of a PET preform for production, a preform must have functional strength, sales appeal, competitive price, and practical features.

It is important to design a preform mold in such a way that the most suitable steel and processes are used so that the production of PET preforms is economically possible.

Features of Preform mold

Setting up the cooling channel
A specially designed setup of water cooling channels combined with a special finish reduces the overall cycle time. Each water channel is specially processed.

Correction technique for eccentric core
By using the eccentric correction technique, a difference of less than 0.006 mm can be made in the periform wall thickness. The use of this system does not affect the life of the PET mold during its useful life.

پریفرم بطری پت PET

Pin valve system
By using the hot runner system valve pin type for PET preform injection mold, this type of hot runner system is effective in reducing the processing time, reducing the wear and tear of the parts, and reducing the trim gate costs, and at the same time reducing the electricity consumption.

Coil heating
The dual heating and cooling system can guarantee that the heating and cooling result is excellent and the quality control is reliable. Heating coils keep the nozzles at a constant temperature throughout the cycle. In addition, the heater system is used to increase the heating capacity of the hot plate with long life and efficiency.

Automatic locking technique
Our PET preform has the most advanced two-axis alignment system and automatic locking system in line with global best practices.

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Preform molds spare parts and after-sales service

We are a dedicated PET mold, preform mold, PET bottle mold manufacturer in Iran

Each set of PET preform mold is subjected to strict mold tests, and the test video of the preform mold is sent to the customer for confirmation before shipping from the factory, and attached to it a complete set of recorded parameters depending on its serial number.

Along with the preform PET injection mold, a complete set of spare parts is supplied free of charge to maintain the normal function of the mold.

In using PET preform, Pars company provides enough spare parts for every request.

Our service department is very willing to provide immediate technical support for any possible request at any time. Also, we can send our engineers to all parts of the country to install and adjust the mold.

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Contact our experts to buy all kinds of injection molds and pneumatic injection molds, as well as all kinds of auxiliary mold equipment, including mold oil heaters.


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