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blow moulding machine The first step in the process in a plastic injection machine is to create the mold itself. Most molds are usually made of metal, usually aluminum or steel, and precision machining is done to match the characteristics of the product to be produced.



Once the mold is created by the mold maker, the part material is inserted into a heated barrel and mixed using a spiral screw. Thermal strips melt the material in the barrel, and then molten metal or molten plastic material enters the mold cavity, where it cools and hardens to match the shape of the mold.


Cooling time can be reduced by using cooling lines that circulate water or oil from an external temperature controller. Injection molds are mounted on the injection molding plate or plates, which open after the material has solidified so that the ejector pins can pull the part out of the mold.


The injection molding process requires careful design, including the shape and characteristics of the part, the material for the part and the mold, and the characteristics of the molding machine. As a result, there are several considerations that need to be considered when injecting molding.

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Before starting work in the field of injection molding, a few points should be considered:


The initial cost of producing injection molding can be high – depending on the cost of the injection molding machine and the molds themselves.


One of the most important parameters is to determine how many pieces you want to make to decide whether injection molding is the most cost-effective method of production.

Minimizing the number of parts and simplifying the geometry of your items make injection molding easier. In addition, it is important to design mold tools to prevent defects during production.


It helps to minimize cycle time, as machines with hot runner molds and instrumentation are used. Such small changes and the use of hot runner systems can save Produce your own parts, as well as save money by minimizing assembly requirements, especially if you produce thousands or even millions of parts.


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Injection molding can be an expensive process, but there are several ways you can reduce the cost of plastic injection, including:


  • Eliminate Undercuts.
  • Remove unnecessary features.
  • Use the central cavity.
  • Reduce additional designs.
  • Design pieces that pair themselves.
  • Modify and reuse existing templates.
  • Monitor DFM analysis
  • Use multi-cavity molds.
  • Consider the size of your pieces.


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Injection molding is used to produce a wide range of widely used products, including common plastic items such as bottle caps, as well as remote control containers, syringes and more. It is also commonly used to make larger items such as car body panels.


Injection molding is mainly used in cases where there is a need to make thousands or millions of identical pieces of the same mold.

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There are different types of injection molding process, including:


  • Cube molding
  • Dye Casting
  • Gas injection molding
  • Liquid silicone rubber injection molding
  • Metal injection molding
  • Micro-injection molding
  • Injection molding reaction
  • Thin-walled injection molding



Injection molding can be done with a variety of materials, including metals, glass, elastomers, plastics, and usually thermoplastics and thermoplastics.


Materials can also be combined to provide different properties and effects for the final parts.


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The main advantage of injection molding is that production can be increased for a large number of parts. When the initial costs of design and molds are covered, the construction cost is very low. By producing more parts, the production cost is reduced.


Injection molding produces the least waste compared to traditional manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, which removes excess material. However, injection molding produces some waste, mainly from sprays, runners, inlets, and any overflow material that leaks out of the workpiece cavity (also called a flash).


The ultimate advantage of injection molding is that it allows the production of many identical parts, which ensures the reliability and stability of the part in high-volume production.


   While injection molding has its advantages, there are a number of disadvantages to this process.


Initial costs can be high for injection molding, especially in the case of injection molding machines. Before you can produce any part, a prototype must be created. Once this is done, an initial template tool should be created and tested. It all takes time and money to complete and can be a costly process.


Injection molding is also not ideal for producing large parts as a single piece. This is due to the size limitations of plastic injection molding machines and tools. Items that are too large for the injection molding machine to be capable of being made into multiple parts and then joined together.


The bottom line is that large undercuts need the design and expertise of experienced people and can add more cost to your project.

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Injection molding is used for a wide range of applications where a reproducible manufacturing process is required. This includes manufacturing items such as wire spools, packaging, bottle caps, toys, combs, musical instruments (and components), chairs, small tables, storage containers, mechanical parts, and auto parts and components.


Injection molding and the use of injection molding machine is the most common method for making plastic parts, especially in high volume.



  • Is injection molding environmentally friendly?


As injection molding machines become more efficient and materials such as thermoset polymers are able to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, injection molding is an environmentally friendly process. As injection molding machines become more efficient and materials such as thermoset polymers are able to To withstand temperatures and harsh conditions, injection molding is an environmentally friendly process.As injection molding machines become more efficient and materials such as thermoset polymers are able to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, injection molding is an environmentally friendly process. As injection molding machines become more efficient and materials such as thermoset polymers are able to To withstand temperatures and harsh conditions, injection molding is an environmentally friendly process.


Although there is some material waste in injection molding, it is less than in many other manufacturing processes. Of course, the exact materials used in terms of shelf life, whether they can be made from recycled materials and how they are disposed of have an impact on the environment. There are also considerations about the effect of carbon on the life of the products created, including during manufacture.


Advanced injection machines are now consuming between 20 and 50 percent less energy than they did ten years ago.


Molding costs are related to the number of holes in a mold (Kuwait). Fewer cavities require fewer tools that reduce fabrication costs to create the injection mold. The complexity of designing a part also affects the cost, including factors such as surface finish, strength, threads, details and number of cuts. Adding details like this increases the cost because it requires more tools.


The most cost-effective type of injection molding is rubber injection molding, which produces high efficiency durable products. In addition, continuous vulcanization processes with temperature control can reduce costs by reducing waste.


Determining the exact cost of injection molding can be done with the following formula:


Mold price = material cost + design + process and profit + VAT + test cost + packaging and shipping cost.


Of these costs, materials and parts are about 15-30% of the total and process and profit is 30-50%.


Taking these factors into account, a small injection mold costs between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000. Larger or more complex molds can cost $ 80,000 or more. On average, however, a typical mold costs about $ 12,000.

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Also, the price of a plastic injection machine can be between 30,000 and 200,000 dollars, depending on whether the machine is automatic or semi-automatic, as well as production capacity and other characteristics.


While injection molding machines and equipment are expensive, producing a real injection mold is relatively inexpensive.


With more than 85,000 commercially available plastic options and 45 polymer families, there are plenty of different plastics that can be used for injection molding. Among these, polymers can be generally divided into two groups. Thermostats and thermoplastics.


The most common types of plastics used are high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE). Polyethylene offers several advantages including high ductility levels, good tensile strength, strong impact resistance, moisture absorption resistance and recyclability.


This hard and impact resistant plastic is widely used in industry. ABS offers good shrinkage rate and high dimensional stability with good resistance to acids and bases.


This strong and impact-resistant plastic has low shrinkage and good dimensional stability. A clear plastic that is available in varying degrees of optical transparency, the PC can have a beautiful appearance and good heat resistance.


There are several types of PPA (or nylon), each with its own benefits. In general, nylons, in addition to strong acids and bases, have high strength and temperature resistance, and are also chemically resistant. Some nylons are abrasion resistant and offer good stiffness with good impact resistance.


This plastic, commonly known as steel, has high hardness, rigidity, strength and toughness. It also has good lubrication and is resistant to hydrocarbons and organic solvents. Good elasticity and slipperiness also provide advantages for some applications.


PMMA, also known as acrylic, offers good optical properties, high gloss and scratch resistance. It also offers less shrinkage and less depression for geometries with thin sections.


This inexpensive resin material has a high impact resistance in certain degrees but can be brittle at cold temperatures (in the case of propylene homopolymer). Copolymers offer greater impact resistance, while PP is also wear-resistant, flexible and can withstand very high elongations, and is also resistant to acids and bases.


Good electrical properties make PBT ideal for electrical components as well as automotive applications. The strength varies from medium to high depending on the filling of the glass, it is hard and flexible with unfilled degrees. PBT also shows fuels, oils, fats and many solvents and also does not absorb flavors.

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A dimensionally stable material with toughness, temperature and high heat resistance, PPSU is also resistant to radiation sterilization, alkalis and weak acids.


This high temperature and high performance resin offers heat resistance and flame resistance, excellent strength and dimensional stability as well as good chemical resistance.


PEI (or Ultem) offers high heat resistance and flame resistance along with excellent strength, dimensional stability and chemical resistance.


These devices can have a variety of capabilities according to customer needs. Accordingly, we recommend that you click on the contact us link and contact the company’s sales experts to obtain technical advice regarding the purchase of plastic injection machines and price inquiries. Or enter the requested information by visiting the order registration page to be contacted at the earliest opportunity.


Click on the link below to watch the video on how the plastic injection machine works and mechanism:

Watch the video on how the plastic injection machine works




    Conclusion :



Injection molding has many applications for production, especially for the production of high volume parts. While injection and molding machines can be expensive, production costs are low after completion. By providing the ability to produce almost identical parts, injection molding is used for parts in a variety of materials.


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