all electric injection blow molding machine

Fully electric injection blow molding machine, compact, versatile and environmentally friendly.

ماشین تزریق پلاستیک بادی برقی

In addition to excellent versatility and reliability, this pneumatic injection molding machine is the first and only 1-stage all-electric pneumatic injection molding machine in the world. With its clean and unique performance, it is ideal for molding pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food containers. In addition, it has very low electricity consumption, which reduces production costs and helps to preserve the environment.

This injection blow molding machine consumes 60% less electricity compared to the nearest equivalent air injection hydraulic machine. The use of electric servo motors is very efficient for the main displacements, while hydraulic systems lose their efficiency due to pumping and friction losses. They lose browsing.

Features of fully electric injection blow molding machine

Low noise and low vibration

The all-electric injection blow molding machine produces very little noise and vibration.

Efficiency with minimal environmental pollution

There is no possibility of contamination due to oil leakage

Suitable for producing containers of medicines, cosmetics, health products, food, etc. in a clean room or semi-clean room.

Reducing the consumption of cooling water

This injection blow molding machine for the pharmaceutical industry does not have a hydraulic oil heat exchanger, and uses 89% of the nearest hydraulic machine equivalent to less cooling.

Stable molding

Molding is done without fluctuating hydraulic oil temperature

Very accurate and stable, which leads to less defects than usual in the manufactured products.

If the container you wish to mold appears to be outside the specification limits of the blow molding machine shown, please contact us as we often customize machines and molds to meet customer requirements.

دستگاه تولید قوطی پلاستیکی

Pars Company is a manufacturer of various types of injection blow molding machines to meet the needs of customers in the inflatable plastic industry.

Applications of electric injection blow molding machine

Containers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hygiene, food, etc

Plastic can production machine

Materials and materials that can be used in an electric pneumatic injection machine







Recycled PET etc

The shape of the products produced by electric injection blow molding machine

simple round

non round

wide mouth


  super light

  thick wall etc.

The price of an all-electric injection blow molding

The price of the all-electric injection blow molding machine has a very wide range. One of the most important features affecting the price of the electric injection pneumatic device is the size of the products it can produce, whether the systems are fully automatic or not, whether they are hydraulic or electric, etc.

Production and sale of the most up-to-date plastic injection molding machines in Pars, a leader in the machine industry.

To buy a plastic injection molding and an blow molding and start a production line, contact our experts.”


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