Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt, which is called a conveyor, is a device for transporting and protecting products and production parts.

Manufacturing engineers install conveyors in their manufacturing facilities for many reasons:

Moving products from point A to B (to avoid wasting time in transportation, or to reduce forklift movements, etc.)
To carry products that are too heavy to lift.
To move a product while operators work on (or add to) it. Like a final assembly conveyor belt in a car factory
To prevent injuries to workers due to repetitive motions. or to prevent damage to products caused by movement.
To transfer the products to the robot for processing. Or receive products from the bot that are ready for the next step.


Storage and transfer applications:

To store products between processes or at the final stage of the process
To create a buffer or accumulation bank. It is a flexible storage system. Use it where the amount of products in the warehouse can be less or more to balance the flow of the process.
Conveyor belt is one of the most flexible types of industrial equipment. When specified and installed, they can improve productivity, efficiency and safety.

How to choose the right conveyor belt?

We start by reviewing basic product information. It is helpful for us to understand your system. Does it move parts, store them, rearrange them, or create a work surface as they move? Based on these factors, we can choose from the various types available. Then see which ones can get the job done and offer the best benefits.
Then we go to the limitations. The available space in production environments can be of great importance. And although conveyors can add a lot of productivity, they can get in the way of other operations. Check the occupied space carefully. This information gives us the next point of consideration, which is whether to use the bottom level or overhead style.

Types of conveyors:

Conveyors are classified as floor style or overhead style as this is an important decision point. Overhead styles can take many forms. But they all have the advantage that the system itself is installed above the moving part. Therefore, they use production space that is not occupied by other equipment. This can enable overhead plant space to be utilized, such as using it for a buffer or storage bank. If more space is available, floor-style systems may be more appropriate. These include conveyor belts, gravity rollers, roller skates and conveyor belts.
Consider how to load and unload parts. Some processes require precise positioning of the part (such as robot loading or unloading). Systems equipped with tools, pallets or carriers can do this. A simple conveyor belt or roller alone cannot hold the part in a precise location.
The speed required and available investment can guide the choices. Simpler, faster, and more affordable systems are great. Other solutions require more complex automated conveyor lines.
The best running facilities will probably have some floor style conveyors as well as overhead conveyors. Overhead conveyors and motorized roller conveyors are also often used in conjunction with warehouse robots or autonomous mobile robots. Warehouse robots can pick and drop loads from your existing conveyors, providing a flexible way to link all your conveyor styles for maximum productivity and space utilization.

نوار نقاله دستگاه پلاستیک بادی
Conveyor features

Made of heavy aluminum alloy
High quality rubber surface
Adjustable height
Easy installation and assembly
Compact and light
Programmable for automatic control

Advantages of use:

Increase production
Work process improvement
Easy transfer
Synchronization with other machines in this domain
Reducing costs related to human resources
Conveyor belt of inflatable plastic device

The price of all types of conveyors

Conveyors can have many different functions according to customer needs. Based on this, we recommend you to click on the contact link and contact the company’s sales experts to get technical advice and price inquiries. Or visit the order registration page and enter the required information so that you will be contacted as soon as possible.


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